52 Best WordPress Blog Themes For Professional Bloggers

52 Best WordPress Blog Themes
WordPress is the most efficient and powerful software until today to create a blog. It works for anyone - from beginner to advanced bloggers, everyone can use WordPress to build a very powerful and good looking blog with much less effort than any other solutions out there.

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Because WP provides thousands of plugins and beautiful themes, it is the first choice for any professional blogger. With a plugin on WordPress, you can add some functionalities to your blog like - eliminate spam comments, add social sharing options, optimize site loading speed, performance and more could be done by using a simple plugin.

You don't have to do anything manually or don't need any programming knowledge at all. And then comes one of the most important factor of a site or blog - the design. Surely, for many other types of sites, you need to hire a web designer. But with WordPress, you only need a few little knowledge about how it works and then you need a ready made design which is a WordPress theme.

These ready-made Best WordPress Blog Themes designs have many built in functionalities and features to make your blog look and work better. In this post we have listed some of the best WordPress blog themes (wordpress.org) perfect for different types of professional and personal blogs. These theme are premium ones and is available to purchase from ThemeForest. We also listed more professional designs on our wordpress magazine themes collection.

Master Super Premium WordPress Theme For Large Blogs

Master super professional theme for problogging
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Master is a very unique and uncommon design for any blog. It has many sets of different layouts with different alternative designs. It's extensive set of features and customization options gives you the freedom to make your blog the way you want it to be. Master theme has Awesome Builder included with it which is very helpful for anyone want to build unique pages without knowing any of the codes. Installing and setting up a site with this theme seems pretty easy and takes only a while. Then you can just grab the demo files which are also included with the theme and start editing your pages and contents. Master is a perfect for small to any multi-niche blog.

SimpleMag Stylish WP Theme

Simplemag wordpress theme for authority website

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SimpleMag theme has a very nice mega-menu option which could be used for showing your most important articles and feature your best works. It has a very easy to use drag and drop plugin included into the theme which has become compulsory for any standard WordPress theme to make it easy for non-geek users to build and design pages by just dragging and dropping different site elements. Also, this theme is very well optimized for mobile users to ensure maximum visibility of your blog and you can easily reach to an wider base of audiences using mobile devices to surf through your articles.

BuzzBlog Elegant Blog Theme

BuzzBlog authority blog theme

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If you would like to have a clean and fresh theme with bold typography, then you can definitely go for BuzzBlog. It is a very appropriate theme for both personal and professional blogging. Buzzblog is one of the most sophisticated and easy to use WordPress theme for many different bloggers. My opinion on this theme is that it will be a nearly perfect theme for any fashion or makeup related blogs. There is a feminine touch on the design of this theme that you can definitely smell by paying attention to the demo. You can use any color schemes you like and not just what you see on the demo settings. Also you can easily upload any background images of your own and give a personal touch to your blog.

Florence WordPress Theme

Florance great visual theme

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Florence is another gorgeously simple theme on this list. It is a part of the trending crisp classic design that everyone loves to see. No complex setup process, no clutters and extra fluffs that makes your site sluggish and nothing too complicated. Florence is the theme that is built for only one purpose - to present your contents with a great visual appearance. And it does it perfectly without working you on anything that you don't want. With Florence you just publish your articles and let the theme do its work. Let it beautifully present your words to your readers.

Rosemary Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Rosemary for WP

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Rosemary is one of the best an most elegant theme I can think of. It fits perfectly on several types of blogs without a single issue with performance, design and user-experience. Rosemary provides multiple homepage options suitable for different kinds of blogs. For very personal blogs and simple feel, you can use the full-width layout which looks very minimalistic, clean and easy to read. This type of layout is definitely very helpful for your readers who wants nothing but to read your writings. But on the other hand, if you want to make things obvious, you can always use the default standard layout - the primary content area and the right sidebar which will be always good and will never go out of style.

Voice Clean WordPress Theme

Voice clean theme for bloggers

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Voice is a new stunning wordpress blogging theme where simplicity meets modern web design. This theme is more like a magazine theme than a blog theme. But it fits on many different blogs like tech and gadgets blog, how to, lifestyle blogs, list blogs and obviously any multi-topic blog. Voice theme is packed with lots of powerful options and mind blowing features that you can only expect from a high quality premium theme. Voice is created by Meks - which is an elite author on ThemeForest.

You can change the look of this theme completely by just using a different background color of your choice. Surprisingly, this theme looks all different and also very nice with different colors. You can easily use the color of your brand and instantly make it look unique and outstanding without much trouble. It also gives you all the privileges you need to change any font and other elements from the control panel all without touching the code. And on top of that you will get any support you need from the developer.

Read WP Responsive Theme

Read WP minimalist simple theme

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Read is the theme that describes itself by its name.This theme is made for your readers to provide maximum readability of your articles and encourage to stay for a longer period of time on your blog. It is a responsive HTML5 minimalist wordpress theme made for professional bloggers and writers. It is a highly focused theme on thing that matters most on your blog- the content. But looking at the theme if you prejudice that you can only use it as a simple blog theme and nothing else; you would be completely wrong. Read is an excellent theme capable to do many things that you need. This is a very appropriate theme for writers.

Presso Clean Modern Magazine Style Theme For Blogging

Presso clean wordpress theme for tech blog

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Presso is a clean modern magazine theme suitable for any large multi-niche blog. It utilizes the modern wordpress theme development trends and a flat magazine style design. It has all the features needed to design a modern innovated site. Though it is has a turn for magazine and news websites, you can use it any kind of blogs you want. Many people are using these kind of designs for single topic blog and doing really great in terms of user experience and conversion of the traffic.

Brixton Minimal Blog Theme For WordPress

Brixtom minimal theme for any blog

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Brixton is another minimal yet gorgeously elegant and boldly designed theme on this collection. It has a very impressive and creative design which is able to attract and captivate any visitor in no time. Like its design, it is very easy to use as well. The installation is as easy as nothing and there is the very simple theme options panel that lets you change and manage anything you need. Brixton has one of the best typography and better readability for any blog. That makes it a very user friendly theme in terms of both for the reader and the blogger.Despite using the many high resolution images and a great design, this theme is able to load very quickly as it utilizes the modern web optimization techniques and have a very clean and effective coding.

GoBlog Responsive WordPress Theme

GoBlog premium blogging theme

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GoBlog is a nice minimal theme with all standard layouts. The custom built framework lets you easily make changes to your site and edit any part of the blog you want. There is a wide just below the header and above the main content area. You can set this up with some text and images of your own. This adds a twist to the blog as soon as a visitor lands on the homepage. This is a very simple theme with a very nice and calm layout and standard typography and there is nothing too complicated on it. It loads fast with absolutely zero errors as a result of simple and truly efficient coding.

Piemont Responsive Theme For Bloggers

Piemont theme for wordpress

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Piemont is a perfect theme for personal and professional blogging needs. It has more than 20 header styles, 5 different blog layouts and 4 different slider styles by combining these different elements, you can easily ensure that your blog comes up with a very unique design. These different elements can work together to create many variations and add more personal touch to your blog's design. If you are looking for a theme that is highly well-built and easy to manage at the same time, then piemont is the theme for your blog.

John Doe's Blog WordPress Theme

John Doe's blog wordpress theme

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John Doe's Blog is a very simple, clean and easy to use theme for any personal blog. It is specially built by paying attention to the details of a what a writer's blog might need. It has a very powerful admin panel yet that is very easy to use even for a newbie using WordPress for the first time. The homepage layout you see on the demo is just the beginning. It provides several other additional layouts that you can easily switch to. For the readers who would like to enjoy reading your blog from a smartphone or a tablet, John Doe theme comes with one of the best responsive layouts out there. It also provide you with many advanced features that you might want to use on your blog once you become more flexible using WordPress and could make your blog even better.

Throne Powerful Stylish WordPress Blog Theme

Throne blogging theme for serious bloggers

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Throne is an excellent and very high quality premium WordPress theme for professional bloggers, food/recipe sites, news and online magazine, a blog about your company or a business blog, a blog for a photographer to share his/her journey and for many other purposes. All of the different layouts on this theme provides your content in a very stylish manner. It uses a simple framework that is fast and efficient. This theme has a very neat and modern design with a great typography excellent for great reading experience. Throne WP blog theme is one of the highly customizable themes for blogging. You can customize the theme with much less effort than other blogging theme and make your blog match with your personal taste.

Personal Best Blog and CV Theme For WordPress

Personal blog and CV website theme

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This theme is actually called 'Personal' but anyone can definitely use it on their blog discussing any topic in any niche. The installation process is quite simple and straightforward. You will find it really easy to work with this theme even if you are new using premium WP themes. Personal theme is suitable for blogs on photography, fashion and style, business blogs, a blog about ones travelling experience and many others. This theme provides features like - 9 unique and different styles for the blog homepage, layouts for a video blog and many others. All of the layouts has different purposes. Some of the layouts are good for your personal blog while some other is perfect for a business or a photography blog and others are useful for a video blog or what you call a 'vlog'.

SuperBlog Powerful Blog Magazine Theme

Powerful theme SuperBlog

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Superblog is a very freshly designed modern blogging theme with mobile friendly design. It emphasizes on the fresh-look for any blog by using a good amount of white spaces. Although it looks very simple with 4 different alternative layouts, it is one of the most powerful blog and magazine theme you will find. It has a very nice featured posts area in all the layouts that can show your important posts in a very artistic and attractive way. Superblog has a mind-blowing drag n drop feature called (aqua builder) built-in that you can use to build and test different layouts for your blog.

Josephine WordPress Theme For Lifestyle & Fashion Blogs

lifestyle and fashion blog theme

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Josephine is a very special theme for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. It is very suitable for blogs that have more feminine contents. But definitely anyone can use it with just a few tweaks. The design of the theme truly helps your blog have an outstanding performance and shine like a star. With Josephine theme you can have ton of customization options to edit or completely change anything on your blog's design. Like other standard premium themes, you will get all the demo contents to import with just a few clicks and then edit those to make the job easy and fast. The responsive design of this theme is well-worth to mention. It works like magic and looks amazing on tablets and smartphones.

Fabulous Responsive WordPress Blogging Theme

Fabulous responsive theme for blogging

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Fabulous is a very clean, bold and modern design blog theme developed by WPExplorer. This theme is perfect for using in a travel or photography blog. It is a responsive masonry style blogging theme. If you love the idea of social blogging like tumblr, google plus or even Facebook, then you will definitely love the design and features of this theme. It offers many homepage variations with a very light and soft design. The typography of this theme is overall professional but you are free to change the font and the font-size to suit your needs.

Seashell Modern Blogging Theme For Professional Blogging

Seashell premium blog theme

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Seashell is a very colorful theme full of features that you look for in a professional blogging theme. It is one of the best stylish and SEO friendly theme for wordpress blogs in different niches like photography, web and graphics design, personal blog and many more. It has a very sophisticated design with a powerful theme options panel to edit and customize the blog the way you need. It is integrated with social sharing options beside every post and includes important meta data option that you definitely need to help understand your contents by any search engine. This theme is a lot cheaper ($39 only) than any other theme in its class. If you consider the design and all its features, than you will really love to have this theme on your blog.

MarketBlog Simple WordPress Theme

MarketBlog theme simple design

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Marketblog is another good choice among the premium wordpress themes perfect for very professional corporate or business blogs. It has a very clean and minimal design perfect for your neutral unique voice. MarketBlog theme provides many premium features and powerful options that help you establish a strong blog about your business or your works. It has a little wide and open white design that will definitely express the openness of your mind and attract readers to listen and follow what you say. It has built in like button that lets users tell whether they liked a post on the blog or not.

Smartblog WP Theme

SmartBlog theme

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SmartBlog is a very high quality theme by Theme Pixels. It was created on April 2015 and it is compatible with bootstrap 3 or higher versions and built on Underscores framework. For different kinds of blogs and different topics, SmartBlog provides 7 unique homepage layouts. With different layouts, you will also have 3 different header options. The theme provides an extensive theme options panel that lets you choose an change every aspect of the site. You can see some of the options screenshot on the demo that this theme provides.

OldPaper - Ultimate Magazine & Blog Theme

Oldpaper newspaer style theme for new blog

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OldPaper is a very stylish and vintage design magazine and blogging theme. It is a great concept theme perfect for any high quality blogs. It is perfectly coded with all modern HTML5 and CSS3 practices. It is built on the bootstrap framework which makes it very flexible and well-customizable theme. It is built for professional blogging so SEO and good user experience is the first priority. The latest version of the theme also has built in support for WooCommerce that makes it even more powerful and usable for blogs who wants to have an online store along with the blog. If you like to write product reviews, than this theme will be very useful to you. It has many features like built-in review system, star ratings, schema markups and rich snippets ready for you to create amazing product review pages.

Feather WP Blog Theme

Feather WP theme

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Feather is a very simple and easy theme for people who loves being minimalist and stylish at the same time. It may not have the all the features on earth but definitely more than enough to build a beautiful blog. It is one of the themes that is highly focused on blog content and readability. For making it comfortable for readers to focus on your writings, it also has a one click distraction-free mode that hides the sidebar immediately. The theme is built on the great redux framework that makes it work flawlessly. The layout of Feather is very easy and simple.

Heap Stylish Blog Theme WP

Heap high quality blogging theme

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Heap is a modern blog theme with masonry style layout. It is primarily built for people who love to share things and maintain a blog to share daily things. The design is very simple and perfect for blogs who share images and unique stories. It is also a good theme for creating a viral content blog. It is really easy to build your online scrapbook with this theme. Easily share photos, video, quotes, audio files from soundcloud or other sites and many more. Heap delivers powerful functionalities, simple yet amazingly helpful features and great speed.

Practico Theme For WordPress Blogs

Practico wordpress blog theme

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Practico is a highly professional theme with a unique design perfect for wordpress blogs. This is a greatly advanced theme with many different layout options to match the need of variety of blogs in different niches. From business to personal; every kind of blogs has been created using the Practico theme. This theme has multiple layout options like- one column with sidebar, one column and no sidebar that is a full width content area, two column with a sidebar and content that is also full width and infinite scroll layout like facebook and other social media sites. Also you can decide which side of the blog you want to have a sidebar - left or right. Practico provides some pre-made page layouts like - author page, blog page, login, sitemap page and contact us page which definitely makes your tasks fast and easier.

Bliss Elegant Clean Theme For Blogs

Bliss elegant theme

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Bliss is another very simple theme like Feather theme that you've seen above on this post. This is a minimalist and one of the best WordPress themes for personal blogs. Bliss is made for people who love simple things and being minimalist with a style. Until today, Bliss theme is used by many successful bloggers and authors. For your convenience, Bliss has different post layouts so you won't be stuck in a single layout design. The layouts include - single column blog, two columns, three columns, left sidebar, right sidebar or sidebar on both side of the primary content and finally full width layout for professional blogs.

Pluto Clean Personal Blogging Theme

Pluto clean theme for personal blogging

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Pluto is one of the most highest rated (4.90) theme created by Osetin who is an elite author on ThemeForest. Since the creation of this theme on June 2014, it has powered thousands of WordPress blogs until today. Some of he top sites using this theme includes- CSSAuthor.com, TopHomeDesign.com, DesignMaroc.com, AllThingsViral.com and many other sites that are hugely popular and doing great in the blogging space. Pluto has many header, sidebar and menu positions that gives you the freedom to make your blog fully your very own place and match your personal views.

Edition Responsive News & Magazine Style Theme

Edition responsive news blog and magazine

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Edition is a premium recipe blog theme perfect for food and cuisine blogs. It has a responsive news and magazine layout. It is also a suitable theme for any restaurant websites. But it is a really high quality theme and could be used for any kind of online publications. Edition has built-in review system that works for any kind of products and review website. You can easily create an amazon affiliate website using this theme with a very professional design. It has amazing image features and drag and drop layout support to quickly arrange elements of your blog. It also has built-in support for WooCommerce in case you ever try to build and online shop and sell your own products besides providing free information through the blog.

Adapt WordPress Theme Perfect For Bloggers

Adapt WordPress theme for pro bloggers

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Adapt is among one of the best stylish and modern WordPress blog themes. It is created on the cutting edge Engine framework which has many advanced features like a great theme options panel, incredibly fast setup, easy customization options such as alternative skins & custom color schemes, custom logo and other options for branding, multiple page templates, many different layouts and sidebars, support for creating custom widgets, managing the site's main menu very easily and more. It has built-in functionalities for auto resizing post images and thumbnails so that you don't have to manually resize and upload images which saves your time. It also has AJAX contact form included out of the box to let the users contact you easily.

Redwood Responsive WordPress Theme

Redwood responsive theme

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Redwood is and elegant and versatile WordPress blogging theme. It allows you to build an unique and beautiful blog from scratch. It comprises of the classic layouts of the good old blog designs with a very modern and elegant style combined into the layout and appearance. It has a very beautiful large slider that you can cleverly use with attractive high resolution image and some of the best blog posts that you have written. It also has useful and easy to use promo boxes that is for showing promos and things like that. It leaves a clear message to the reader about the site's fresh, clean and stately aesthetic design.

AlYoum Retina Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme

AlYoum retina ready blogging theme

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AlYoum is an efficient and powerful theme from Code125. It is a complete package of all the elements and functionalities you need to build and run a supreme WordPress blog or magazine website. It comes with 10 pre-built ready made layouts for the homepage design. On top of that, you can also build your own layouts using its revolutionary drag and drop page builder. With AlYoum you will get more than 40 widgets and shortcodes and make your blog perform better. There is also multiple types of header layouts available so that you can design the blog any way you want. This theme mainly focuses on the distribution of your content with a very user friendly design. Through the homepage any user or reader can browse between many of your posts and articles.

Breeze Minimalist Theme For Personal Blogging

Breeze minimal blogging theme

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Breeze is one of our most favorite WordPress blog themes that has a very minimal and fresh design. It is built for performance and make your blogging experience painless. It offers many blog page styles from one column and up to five columns pinterest style blog. The one column layout is mainly useful for personal blogs and to keep it very minimal. The other layouts are useful for professional bloggers and then you can also use the pinterest style five column layout to collect images and your and make a collection of your ideas. Except from bloggers, Breeze is also suitable for photographers.

Newspaper - Stylish Theme For Blogging

Newspaper blogging theme with great design

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Newspaper is a very well-organized theme for bloggers looking for a great magazine style theme. It is a traditional magazine website theme with upto 6 homepage layouts. It has multiple header designs, built in page builder that supports IOS slider to show your featured posts, blocks to show different elements on different areas of your blog. The page builder also lets you easily create galleries with your own images, place ads, social icons and more by just using the drag and drop functionalities. In order to make your site more interactive and useful, Newspaper provides many helpful widgets to show on your blog's sidebar or wherever you would like.

Cassia Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Cassia responsive theme

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Cassia theme from SoloPine is one of the best themes you will find in our collection. This is the kind of the theme that makes your blog shine like a star and stand out of the crowd of other mediocre bloggers. With nothing serious and too complicated Cassia may be one of the themes that makes any blog peaceful and complete. This is a remarkable piece of design that makes the user grow more interest to your blog and makes them read more and more of your words. It is a clean and rock solid theme targeted to get the true experience of authentic blogging and contribute to the community of the readers.

DeVoe - Fashion & Entertainment News Theme

DeVoe fashion and entertainment blog design

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DeVoe is a very professional WordPress theme. This theme is created specially for fashion and entertainment news sites but any type of blog is suitable for using DeVoe theme. If you run a online media company and starting a authority site or blog, then this theme will be a great choice. It has multiple homepage layouts for your convenience including different skins for a fashion blog and entertainment blog. It has auto loading of posts feature that automatically loads more posts as a user scrolls down the page. The primary menu is placed on the right side of the page and opens as you click the button. There is also social media buttons added on that menu bar which is always visible. This is a kind of design that you do not see everyday but truly amazing and very thoughtful.

Francoise - Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Francoise theme for pesonal blog

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Francoise is a beautiful and clean blog theme. It is a very flexible and easy to use theme. Francoise comes with a range of many useful features, powerful shortcodes to use in your posts and more. It has been created with a great attention to the details on the blog design. Because of the simple and powerful design, it loads very fast and end users will definitely love to browse through your articles. This theme has options for both homepage with a slider and without any slider. You can add your instagram id to blog and show your images on the footer area. It is a very flexible easy to use blog theme.

Gullvy - A stylish WordPress Theme For Food/Recipe Blogs

Gullvy wordpress theme for food blog

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Gullvy is an amazingly beautiful, smart and modern theme for any kind of WordPress food blogs. The large image based masonry layout helps the user to be focused on your posts and browse different pages easily. It has two different options for our choice - light and dark versions. The blog layout is also easily changeable. It has classic blog layout as well as masonry classic and featured. You can set your blog posts with or without sidebar according to your needs. The image based design is very helpful if you can use high quality images on your posts so that it will go nice on the homepage when you publish the post. This theme also offers an awesome layout-builder that lets you easily create different layouts based on the core design of the theme. Gullvy is built on UIkit framework which is among the advanced web technologies to create high quality websites for great user experience and superior performance. With the any options and advanced features, Gullvy is still very flexible so that you can use it on any types of blog you run and customize it accordingly. You get all the necessary documentations and upto 12 months of support after you purchase Gullvy.

Courage - Stylish Blog Theme

Courage stylish wordpress blogging theme

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Courage is a WordPress blogging theme to express your stories in a beautiful way. It has an unconventional and very unique modern design that is useable for any type of creative and corporate blog. The homepage consists of large and full-width images and post titles on focus. It used some of Google's material design principles and it feels really charming. It has an extremely good sense of typography and content focused layout. However, it comes with 5 different layouts for the blog page and you can use whatever you want. You can use the theme with or without the sidebar. But the full-width sidebar less layout looks better and more appropriate for a clean blog. Courage theme has simple and easy theme options to customize and edit different aspects of your blogs design and functionalities.

Wharton - Big & Bold WordPress Blog Theme

wharton great theme for blogs

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Wharton is an WordPress theme based on big and bold typography. It is an extremely useful theme for writers and authors to create a blog that meets their profession and taste. You can easily see the uniqueness of the design of this theme on every pixel and distinguish it from others as soon as it catches your eyes. It is a very simple and only for blogging theme perfect fit for personal blogs. Wharton offers full-width image on every post that can cover the full-screen and not only the width of the wrapper. You can also control the background of the header on every page and post.

Demo Olimpia - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

demo olimpia theme

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Demo Olimpia is a powerful and amazingly simple theme with 10 different homepage layout design options and easy to use theme features. It is suitable for personal blogs as well as business blogs. It is a niche independent theme, means it could be used on any blog no matter what the blog is about. I specially liked the very professional "homepage 7" layout that is highly elegant and unique. That layout instantly makes your blog stand out of other blogs in the eyes of a first time visitor. It feels like the posts are carefully placed on the homepage with great attention to the details and have a great sense of beautiful design. Also the environment on the design of theme looks very calm and it's easy to read the articles. It has a beautiful drop down menu that could be used to show different categories on your blog.

Elliot - Clean Blog-Magazine WordPress Theme

Elliot blogging theme for wordpress

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Elliot is both a personal and magazine style WP theme. It is a very flexible theme and can be used on any type of small to medium sized blogs. If you think that other themes listed on this page will be too heavy for what you want for your blog, then Elliot will be the coolest choice for you because it has got everything you need for your blog and truly free of all the unnecessary features that most bloggers doesn't need at all. In fact, it has got the most important things you need to run your blog. Elliot provides visual composer so that you can customize the pages without coding.

Chirps - Magazine Theme

Chirps pro blogger theme

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Chirps is a very clean magazine theme. It has a rich flat design and powerful theme options. It is pretty big theme for very high quality professional blogs. Chirps has hundreds of pages designed and practically unlimited number of style and layout options. It is jam-packed with powerful features and customization options. This theme has lots of colors used on it that makes it very enjoyable and entertaining. By using different colors on many parts of the page you can make sure that users will never be bored again. With the menu design alone, developers showed how to make your blog more attractive and professional. Chirps theme has a very powerful admin panel that makes it possible for anyone to customize and edit the design with little to no web design and development experience.

Sahifa - Responsive WordPress News Magazine Blog Theme

Sahifa theme for professional blogs

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Sahifa is a well known and widely used magazine style blog theme for WP. It is a very user friendly and SEO optimized blog theme which is suitable for mostly tech, gadget and news blogs. It is fully responsive and retina ready. The posts can be arranged on different sections of different category. You can also show them with the classic blog layout. It also has masonry and timeline style layouts suitable for special kind of blogs. It has its own TieLabs custom social media widget.

WPVoyager - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

wordpress theme for travel blog

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WPVoyager is a very high quality top class theme with Google maps integration feature on the homepage. It is a retina ready responsive theme that can be viewed from any mobile phone. It is a perfect theme made for travel and tourism blogs. It has an option of intelligent integration of Google Map API to show where you are travelling now and keep the readers up to date about your schedules. This feature is very helpful because readers will know when you are visiting a place near them. This gives them an opportunity to meet with you and know you personally.

Sense - Blog Magazine & News Theme

Sense blog magazine theme

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Sense is a different and stylish type of magazine theme with some twist of colors, modern and clean design. This theme is useable on online magazine and news sites, personal or professional blogs, photography website and even a product review site. This theme is specific to any niche so, you can feel free to use it any type of blog you are writing on. Also, different and innovative layouts are integrated on this theme. You can test different layouts and also ask your users which layout is more easy to browse and easy to find your posts. It is also one of the most easy to use WordPress blog themes for novices. Developers implemented many modern web design and development techniques that makes this theme extremely well-built and compatible with the modern web trends.

Brook - Light & Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Brook high quality blog theme

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Brook is a very light and simple theme for bloggers looking for a great design but yet easy to customize the blog. For different blogger's varied tastes and needs, Brook has five predefined blog page layouts. We have carefully examined each of the layouts and can totally agree that using any of these designs will be a pleasant experience for any user to read your blog. Brook has very smooth AJAX powered navigation that works as a fly out menu thus giving more space to the blog. There is a percentile bar at the top of any page that lets you know how much content you have seen as you scroll down. There is also a very elegant full-width featured post slider added on the homepage.

15Zine - HD Magazine Blog WordPress Theme

15zine magazine style blog theme

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As you can realize from the name, 15Zine is a magazine style theme. It has a very powerful design that immediately captures user's attention to the many of your blog's contents. Different social media sharing options integrated with the theme. It is a great WordPress theme to start a viral content blog in no time. With lots of features, ton of different pages designed and other customization options, you couldn't ask for more. It's a complete theme.

Bourbon - Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Bourbon responsive themes for wordpress blogs

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Bourbon is yet another simple theme for personal blogs. It has many useful features that saves time and lets you focus on writing more amazing stories everyday. It has a perfect typography and many custom options to edit the design. It is a responsive theme so your blog will look good on any screen size if you use this theme.

Jay - Elegant WordPress Blog Theme

Jay very nice desinged theme

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Jay is a clean and modern fast loading WP blogging theme. It is useful for people who wants to take blogging as a profession. It has advanced features that you won't find on many other blogging themes. Anytime a user land on your homepage will see the nicely designed featured post area with custom labels and make it irresistible for them to read your posts. You can add WooCommerce with this theme because its ready for creating shops and has pages designed.

Chic Responsive Blog & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Chick WP theme for lifestyle blog

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Chic is a lifestyle and fashion blog theme specially built for female bloggers. It is a very clean theme and has an average design based on modern blog designs for girls. It has shop pages designed so that you can just use WooCommerce and other plugins and start selling. It is very easy to install and just takes a minute. You can customize the theme ad much as you want. It has the necessary options on your fingertip to choose different columns and sidebar variations. You can have pto 4 columns starting with one column blog pages. Also, changing layout widths of the sidebar, content area is very easy and require no coding at all. With the supercharged theme options, every kind of blog is possible to design with this theme.

Alison - Responsive Personal Blog Theme

Alison responsive theme for personal blog

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Alison is very elegantly designed soft blogging theme. It is eye-catching typography and powerful theme options. It is useful for building personal blogs. Alison has no shortage of layouts to meet your blog design choice. From classic blog design to masonry layouts, everything is ready out of the box. You just have to install and start blogging.

Boston - Urban Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Boston - Urban Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

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If you are still here, you should take a look at Boston WordPress theme. It looks just perfect and one of our favorite. It is created by Pebas - one of the top theme developers on Envato. The big bold design is perfect for any professional, business or corporate blog. It has got everything you need to serve a personalized experience and meet your brand identity.

Mara - Beautiful Photo WordPress Blog Theme

Mara - Beautiful Photo WordPress Blog Theme

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Last but not least, the glowing and ridiculously simple design of Mara WP theme is able to catch the user's eyes at the first glance. Mara is lot more dependent on images. So if you are a photographer and blogger at the same time, Mara is the theme you are looking for. All of the layouts are perfectly built to suit the needs of any professional blogger. Google web fonts is integrated on theme so you can change the looks of the blog by just changing fonts. It is also SEO optimized responsively designed for viewing from mobile phone browsers. This an excellent WordPress blogging theme.

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  1. Awesome collection again, personally I love Bliss. very simple and catchy. Thanks for sharing this huge collection of themes!