5 Amazing Must Use Tools For UX Designers

Here you will find 10 must use tools for UX designers that saves time and make things a lot simple. If you are working as a UX designer for a while, most of these tools may be very familiar to you.

And if you are not using any of these tools, you are definitely missing out. So take your time and go through this list of tools to find out some great treasures of experienced UX designers. These tools helps you understand user intent, tracks mouse activity of your site user and detect issues that hampering user experience.

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1. UsabilityTools

It all starts from adding just one line of JavaScript into your site and setting up takes less than 60 seconds. It delivers actionable insights based on your design to improve performance and conversion. Your average analytics system show you the point where visitors leave your site. UsabilityTools has the ability to show the reason of the users abandoning the site. It provides you with a set of modern methods to test and research everything on your site. It also gives you the advantage of directly asking your users about the quality of your service and their experience. Once set up, it intelligently tracks movement and clicks of the mouse thus capturing the focus of the user. This helps easily detect usability issues and easily find a way to solve everything.

2. MouseStats

MouseStats is a powerful UX analytics suite of tools that tells you about the issues on your site and also show you how to solve those. It provides you a great visitor playback system that shows exactly how a user is interacting with your site just as a video. It lets you see and study on every single user and easily optimize the design for best experience of the user. Multiple issues like what a visitor do when they reach the shopping cart page, why users are leaving a certain page on your site, what real people are doing in real time and much more could be addressed and solved using this visitor recording feature. It also generates heatmaps, micro surveys to collect user opinions and other advanced analytics.

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3. Appsee

This is an advanced analytics software for smartphone apps. Mobile developers often find this tool as an easy solution for analyzing the conversion funnel and discover new opportunities. It also helps you optimize the performance of your app by showing you the areas that needs improvements. This tool also has user recording feature to look at every move that a user makes on your app and easily detect problems that a user might be experiencing while using the app. It has touch enabled heatmap for you to see which areas are not used much on your app and make the best use of every pixel.

4. UserVoice

This is a pretty much expensive tool that helps you get a quick feedback from any user regarding your site and services. It has some heavyweight clients like Google, Microsoft, Rackspace and Cisco. There is no doubt that it is one of the best product management and customer support software. If your goals are to provide more knowledge about your services and make them happy, then UserVoice will be a perfect shot for your company.

5. UXPin

This is a very popular and handy tool for most UX designers on the community. It is one of the best tools to use when working on wireframing and prototyping. On UXPin, the team truly believe that design is about solving problems rather than creating complicated things that a user may not understand. It works as a fully covered UX design platform to get things done. There is interactive functionalities to collaborate and interact with others on the team in one place. Once you are in, you will find yourself most of the time working on UXPin because of its comprehensiveness and amazing set of tools.
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