23 Great Free Fonts For Designers March 2016

Enjoy this collection of some amazing free fonts for designers march 2016. Different kinds of professional designer fonts can be used in logo design, web banners, headlines, print designs and many other projects.

There are more than 20 fonts listed here that you can use for absolutely free. Some of the fonts listed here are even free for commercial use as well as to use on your personal purposes. It's a good idea to always check font license files to clearly know the terms of use. Fonts listed here includes sans, calligraphy, futuristic typefaces, handwriting fonts, decorative fonts, serif etc. Feel free to share with friends.

1. Peace Sans

2. Arca Majora




6. Contemple

7. Halogen

8. Phoenix

9. September

10. Original

11. Gauthier


13. Gadaj

14. Orkney™

15. Soria

16. Measure

17. Ikra Slab

18. Shihan Free Font

19. Flow Free Brush Font

20. Akmens

21. Leoscar

22. Maquinada

23. Luxia

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