21 Best News & Magazine Joomla Templates 2016 Free Premium

A collection of the best free and premium responsive news and magazine website Joomla templates for blogs, online news and magazine websites, online publishing, authors and niche websites.

These Joomla news magazine website templates got powerful features for creating the best kind of websites on the web. These templates designs have unique and unconventional techniques on place to make the users easily browse through the site and enjoy your news and contents published. Also many helpful features like social sharing, image sliders, category navigation and many more implemented so that you can easily build a high quality user friendly website in a short time.

There are both free Joomla templates and premium templates included on the list. Some free templates are only for learning purposes only so that you can use it if you are leaning to code or creating templates for Joomla . The free joomla news magazine templates also have premium versions so that you can purchase to use on your commercial projects.

1. Magazine – Free responsive blog or news Joomla template

2. Music – free music news joomla template

3. FlatNews – Magazine Joomla Template

4. Abenta – Clean Blogging and Magazine Joomla Templates

5. Journan Multipurpose Newsmagazine Template

6. SJ Time – Responsive News Portal Joomla Template

7. DailyTimes – News and Magazine Joomla Template

8. News II – Responsive News/Magazine Joomla Template

9. LifeMag – Responsive Magazine Joomla Template

10. TheDaily – Responsive News Portal Joomla Template

11. Headline – Responsive Joomla News, Magazine, Blog

12. FinancialII – Responsive Financial News Joomla Template

13. Perty – Responsive News/Magazine Joomla Template

14. Financial – Responsive Joomla News Template

15. JSN Megazine – Responsive Joomla Magazine Template

16. Cepon – News and Magazine Joomla Templates

17. Newsline – Responsive Magazine Joomla Template

18. ST Tyneo – news, magazine joomla template

19. NEWS24 - 4 in 1 News Magazine Joomla Template

20. News Portal Responsive Joomla Template

21. World News Responsive Joomla Template

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