67 Best eBook Templates InDesign & ePub Format To Easily Create Ebooks

A collection of professionally designed eBooks templates in many different formats like Indesign INDD, ePub, photoshop to speed up the the process when creating or self publishing authors.

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These eBook templates are excellent for anyone want to create a nice eBook which is not only great by contents but also have a professional design. You don't have to hire a designer anymore for standard professional designs for your own eBooks. These templates are premium designs and have extended license option that lets you further sell your ebook to people online through amazon publishing, kindle etc. And if you already decided to sell your ebook that you should know a professional design is very important to attract people to read the book.

These ebook templates has many pages designed for placing your texts and images. Also these templates have page numbering, header and footers on place so that you don't have to do it manually. eBooks could be of many different sizes so these templates comes in many different layouts. You can easily add texts, images, change fonts whatever and wherever you want.

1. Multipurpose eBook Template by azadcsstune

2. Multipurpose eBook Template 2 by azadcsstune

3. Corporate Ebook Template by madridnyc

4. Corporate Business eBook Template by azadcsstune

5. Corporate Ebook Template Design vol.2

6. Corporate Ebook Template Design

7. Corporate eBook Template

8. Corporate Ebook Template Design

9. 3in1 E-Book Template Bundle

10. E-Book Template

11. E-book Template by Demorfoza

12. E-book Template 10 by Demorfoza

13. E-book Template 8 by Demorfoza

14. E-book Template 11 by Demorfoza

15. E-Book Template Design by pmvchamara

16. Multipurpose E-Book Template Bundle by pmvchamara

17. E-book Template 2 by Demorfoza

18. Simple E-Book Template by pmvchamara

19. E-book Template 6 by Demorfoza

20. E Book Template No1 by Milos83

21. Corporate E-Book & E-Guide by madridnyc

22. E-book Template 5 by Demorfoza

23. E-book Template 3 by Demorfoza

24. Wedding Book - iBooks Author Template by vinyljunkie

25. E-book Template 1 by Demorfoza

26. Corporate E-Book & E-Guide by madridnyc

27. E-book Template 4 by Demorfoza

28. Love Story Digital Album - iBooks Author Template

29. Corporate Business e-Book

30. Business E-book v-1

31. E-book Template by azadcsstune

32. E-Book Template v-10 by designway4u

33. Multipurpose E-Book Template by pmvchamara

34. Clean E-Book Template by pmvchamara

35. E-Book Cover v-2 by designway4u

36. MiBook - e-publishing template by KennyWilliams

37. Creative eBook V-11 by zdenusik

38. Corporate eBook V-04 by zdenusik

39. E-Book Cover V1 designway4u

40. eBook Cover V-01 by zdenusik

41. E-Book Template v-7 by designway4u

42. E-book Template 7 by Demorfoza

43. E-book Template v-1 by designway4u

44. Modern iBooks Tablet Templete - Vol.2 by isoarts

45. E-book Template 13 by Demorfoza

46. E-Book Template v-4 by designway4u

47. E-Book Template v-8 by designway4u

48. Clean and Elegant Cookbook Theme for iBooks Author by mancierauthan

49. E-book Template v-2 by designway4u

50. E-Book Template v-9 by designway4u

51. Simple eBook Template by cardeo

52. E-Book Starter Kit by GeertDD

53. Minimal eBook Template by cardeo

54. 7 Ebook Templates by Stoppino

55. Pocket Book - eBook Template by furnace

56. Bulletin - eBook Template or Print Book by furnace

57. Grandnotes - eBook Template or Print Book by furnace

58. Notable - eBook Template or Print Book by furnace

59. Creative (e)Book V-03 by zdenusik

60. Creative (e)Book V-02 by zdenusik

61. Creative (e)Book V-04 by zdenusik

62. Corporate (e)Book V-01 by zdenusik

63. Interactive Ebook that Looks Like an App

64. Tutorials Ebook That Looks Like a Website

65. Corporate (e)Book V-02 by zdenusik

66. Design E Book Cover in Seconds

67. 60 pages E-book /Magazine /Book Indesign Template

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