30 Best Photoshop Logo Design Tutorials

Logo design with photoshop is not much difficult if you follow proper techniques and apply some pro tricks that advanced photoshop designers are using. The logo design tutorials we shared on this page will help you to learn some basic techniques to quickly design some simple logos.

After following these tutorials and mastering these logo designs you will be able to design your own unique logos. Designing a professional quality logo needs lots of hard work and practice for a long time. There is also a lot of video tutorials on youtube that are also very helpful to start learning logo design from scratch.

1. An Impressive Metallic Band Logo

2. Metal Car Logo Effect

3. Create Watercolor Logo

4. Origami Swan Logo

5. 3D Glossy Box Logo

6. Try Football Logo in Photoshop

7. Learn How to Design an Apple logo

8.Designing a Business Logo

9. Easy Hulk Logo

10. Transformer Style Logo

11. Design a Mercedes Logo

12. Give Your Logo a Chalk Effect

13. Design a Vector Crest Logo

14. Slop Scroll Effect

15. How to Design a Blue Laguna Logo

16. Creating Clone Wars Logo

17.Designing an Ice Cream Logo

18. How to Design a Logo in Photoshop CC

19. Designing a Typographic Logo in both Illustrator and Photoshop

20. Superman 3D Logo Design

21. Creating a Hand Lettered Logotype

22. Designing a Vector Skull Logo in Photoshop

23. Create a Hipster Style Logo

24. Designing a Save Child Logo in Photoshop

25. Design A Hipster logo In Photoshop

26. Create an Awesome 3D Starfish Icon

27. Creating an Stunning Video Game Logo

28. Design a Clean Professional Logo Design

29. Designing an ATI logo in Photoshop

30. Redesign MAC OS X logo

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