35 Awesome Calligraphy Fonts for Designers

Using the right font is crucial for your designs. It is possible to bring dramatic changes to a creative work only by changing the font. And gone are those days when you had to pay for using third-party fonts. If you do a quick search for free fonts, you will be able to find out lots of them within a short period of time. But choosing the best ones is very tough. And it gets more challenging when you are looking for specific types of fonts, i.e. calligraphy fonts.

That’s why we wanted to make a list of some of the best free fonts available right now. Our today’s list is about free calligraphy fonts. All of these 35 fonts could be used in graphic designs, digital printing, online branding or any other related fields. However, before using any of them, make sure that you have checked the license and restrictions (if any) to avoid any future conflict.

Merry Scriptmas

Source http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/nootype/merry-scriptmas/

Featuring lots of ligatures, Merry Scriptmas is an awesome free font designed by Nico Inosanto. The font supports Eastern, Western and Central European languages.

Wisdom Script


Originally designed for a poster series, Wisdom Script is another font which is provided with lots of ligatures. The font has several licensing options.




If you are looking for a simple calligraphy font, this could be an excellent choice for you. With five different font weights, alternate characters and lots of ligatures, this font is simply awesome.

Intrique Script

With a free license for personal use, Intrique Script is another great calligraphy font. Besides all the regular characters, the theme package also includes lots of symbols.


Armonioso is an interesting calligraphy font, which is licensed under the Creative Commons. This bold, beautiful font could be used in any creative work.

Another Shabby

This script typeface features some wide, rough brushstrokes. The corners of this font is lightly rounded, which makes it look like a hand-written font.

Gutenberg A

This font is a light version of the Gutenberg C and Gutenberg B font families. Besides having a narrow scope, the font is also provided with straight lines and a rough appearance.


Clearly inspired by the Comic Sans, this font is specially created for the comic fans and other like-minded people. The font combines casual handwriting with the modern roman characters.


Alecko is an exceptional font with mathematical precision. This well-designed font comes with lots of different possibilities and scopes.

Some Weatz

Some Weatz is a beautifully designed script font which is perfect for using in any festive or colorful occasion. The font includes several styles for each character.


As the name suggests, Arabella conveys a strong resemblance to the Arabian fonts. It almost looks like the font used in the cover of Alif Laila!

Kingthings Foundation

Designed by Kingthings, this is a royal calligraphy font. This freely available font could be used in any festival or any other important events.

One Fell Swoop

This font uses an old-school English handwriting font as the base, and then adds extra illustrations on the character. The final output is very interesting.

Gondola SD

Originally designed by Steve Deffeyes, this beautiful calligraphy font is a freeware. You are free to use the font in any graphics, illustrations, publications and artworks.

Billy Argel Font

Designed by Billy Argel, this vintage calligraphy font comes with nicely designed characters. The classic look of the characters has added an extra attention here.


This freely available font features some very attractively designed characters. This beautiful calligraphic font could be easily used in any design work.

Angilla Tattoo

Angilla Tattoo is an awesome free calligraphy font designed by Måns Grebäck. Besides the regular characters, the font comes with lots of symbols too.

Kingthings Calligraphica

Kingthings Calligraphica features a combined design from various calligraphic styles. Featuring a very attractive design, this font could be easily used in large titles and captions.


Unlike the name, the designer didn’t do anything selfish in designing this font. Featuring some light strokes around the characters, Selfish looks really stunning.

Nella Sue

Jenna Sue has designed the Nella Sue font with a soft and sweet handwritten approach. Including about 400 glyphs, the font could be used in lots of languages.

Cellos Script

This superior quality script font is also designed by Måns Grebäck. The intelligent design of the font has made it a perfect choice for titles and sub-titles.

Sverige Script

Sverige Script is a beautiful calligraphy font, which is perfect for using in decorative purposes. The design of the font is simply great.


Tangerine is such a calligraphy font which looks both simple and gorgeous at the same time. The font comes with all the characters and regular symbols.

Chopin Script

This beautiful calligraphy font is provided with a vintage look. The stylish design of the font has made it a perfect choice for any creative field.

Gothic Ultra OT

This simple, attractive calligraphy font is designed by Blue Vinyl Fonts. As the characters are provided with rough edges, this font should not be used as the body text but as the heading or title font.

Ink In The Meat

If you are looking for a complicated looking font, here you go. This over-designed font is perfect for using in anything energetic like metal concerts, gothic design etc.

Scriptina Pro

As you can guess, this is an up gradation of the popular font Scriptina. The Pro version features lots of alternate letters along with ligatures.


Featuring a very attractive design, Sachiko is a completely free calligraphy font. This font looks marvelous when used in large titles.


This is another of those font which looks great in large titles and headings. The FontleroyBrown package comes with the necessary symbols too.

Don Quixote

Named after the infamous novel, Don Quixote comes with a classic look. While the characters looks fine in large sizes, you won’t find a lot of symbols in the package.

Wankstaberg Battles

Wankstaberg Battles could be a great calligraphy font for your titles or headings. The font manages to keep the harmony without using a lot of ligatures.

Quid Pro Quo

Featuring some excellent kernings, Quid Pro Quo is a free calligraphy font. You can easily use the font in large and medium sizes.

Discipuli Britannica

Looking for a calligraphy font that follows the Encyclopedia Britannica? Discipuli Britannica could be one of your top bets. With a spacious design and unlimited ligatures, this font has the essential symbols too.


Including the styles of both calligraphy and graffiti, this is another excellent free font for your collection. Unlike most other fonts of this list, this one could be used as the body font too.

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